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What is GSP?

CCC continues its relationships with students beyond 8th grade. Support and guidance are available to students through high school and post-secondary options. GSP and GSP 2.0 provide social-emotional, financial, and academic guidance to our high school and college-aged alumnae.

GSP - CMS partnership

GSP encourages each middle school student to view her high school choice as a building block for her future. GSP uses a college and career readiness curriculum to help our Upper School students align their strengths and interests with their goals for high school and college.


Sixth graders are encouraged to start exploring their values and interests as they think about their aspirations for high school, college, and a potential career path.  Seventh graders begin TACH exam preparations and become more exposed to the process of researching high schools to gain a better understanding of personal interests and schools that are the “best fit” for them individually. The 8th grade curriculum is focused on the high school application process, including interviewing skills, email etiquette, and the importance of time management. GSP is dedicated to placing students in the high school that is best suited for their overall growth; this may include Catholic, private, or selective public schools.

GSP in high school

GSP offers daily study halls, one-on-one tutoring, and a safe space for our students to socialize and encourage each other. GSP offers resource-focused workshops on topics such as financial aid, internship/scholarship opportunities, and the college selection process. Also offered are social-emotional workshops, which are both staff and peer-led, on topics students choose to discuss such as time and stress management techniques, mental health appreciation, self-care skills, healthy relationships, and more. The GSP Team aims to serve as a secondary resource, aiding our upperclassmen in exposure to colleges and career opportunities through college visits/fairs and providing targeted support through the college applications and admissions processes. Academic performance for all graduates is tracked through quarterly report card reviews, and graduates are expected to meet the benchmarks outlined below to ensure college readiness.

GSP Benchmarks for Graduates


GSP 2.0

The GSP team supports our college-aged graduates’ in developing and achieving their long-term educational goals. All GSP 2.0 students are eligible for a stipend to assist with incidentals, books, and travel home, as well as ongoing and comprehensive guidance in academic choices and identifying campus resources. GSP provides a community of expertise and support with an emphasis on the unique needs of first-generation college students. GSP 2.0 also supports students as they establish financial health and build life-long sustainable habits. Some of our students pursue vocational paths or the military - GSP 2.0 supports these students as well.