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Connelly Legacy Society

Make CCC a Part of Your Legacy
Just as CCC invests in its students and alumnae now to ensure that their futures are a success, we ask our donors to consider making plans now to include CCC in their estate plans, so that the organization’s mission can continue for generations.


How to Join the Connelly Legacy Society

You can make a legacy gift in several ways, and we recommend consulting with your tax and financial advisors when considering any planned gift. CCC currently accepts the following types of gifts:


  • Bequests: A charitable bequest is made in your will and can take many forms, including a specific asset, a specific sum of money, a percentage of your total estate, or what remains of your estate after you have provided for all of your other beneficiaries. You can change your bequest whenever you choose as you remain in complete control of the planning process.
  • Gifts of Retirement Account Assets: A retirement plan gift can be a tax-efficient and simple way of including the Center in your estate plan. You can name Cornelia Connelly Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plan on the beneficiary designation form provided by your retirement plan administrator. That form usually asks for the name of the beneficiary (Cornelia Connelly Center for Education), its address (220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009), and its tax identification number (13-3735244).
  • Gifts of Life Insurance: By naming the Cornelia Connelly Center as a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy, it can become a powerful and simple way to support the organization. To do so, update your beneficiary designation form with the policy holder and include CCC as the primary beneficiary for a percentage or specific amount. You can also make CCC the contingent beneficiary so that we will receive the balance of your policy only if your primary beneficiary doesn't survive you.

Please reach out to Lauren Gogus, CCC’s Director of Advancement, at 212.982.2287, ext. 150 or at [email protected] to discuss your planned gift, and we are happy to explore other types of gifts as requested. And once you have made a decision about your legacy gift, please contact Lauren so we can learn more about your gift and intentions, share our gratitude, and welcome you into the Connelly Legacy Society!


Your Gift, Your Priorities

We are grateful for planned gifts in any amount, and we want to honor and celebrate your legacy intentions. We hope you will consider a legacy gift toward CCC’s endowment because fortifying our endowment allows us to meet operating needs, make capital improvements, and invest in the education of our students and the programs that support them through their college graduation and beyond. We would also be delighted to discuss endowing a scholarship, a particular faculty position, or other restricted uses you may have in mind. Please reach out to the Advancement Office to discuss any ideas you have to determine whether they align with the needs and mission of the Cornelia Connelly Center.


Additional Information

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director of Advancement Lauren Gogus at [email protected] or 212.982.2287, ext. 150.


Legal Name: Cornelia Connelly Center for Education

EIN (Tax ID): 13-3735244

Address: 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009