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Connelly Legacy Society

About the Connelly Legacy Society

Priceless opportunities

Year after year, our graduates affirm that Cornelia Connelly Center empowers them to fulfill their full potential. We embrace every student, fostering her learning and development as she grows into a promising young woman. Members of the Connelly Legacy Society are dedicated to CCC’s thirteen-year program, embracing our commitment to students’ growth, perseverance and achievement over time.

Why your legacy gift matters

A legacy gift is one of many ways to support CCC. Our financial sustainability is critical because we promise our girls not only a strong middle school education, but also a lasting partnership all the way through college. Research shows that extended support makes all the difference for low-income students, ensuring that our alumnae complete high school and college at rates that far outstrip their peers.

How to join the Connelly Legacy Society

You can make a legacy gift in several ways. We recommend discussing your options with your attorney and financial advisory to determine what is best for your personal circumstances.
  • Remember CCC in your will: You may designate Cornelia Connelly Center in your will to receive a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate.
    • Should you have specific provisions for your gift, we would be grateful if you let us know in advance, so that we can properly follow your wishes.
  • Designate CCC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance: Simply contact the company that manages your retirement plan or life insurance policy. Ask to update your beneficiaries, and you’ll be able to complete a form in which you designate a percentage of your benefit to support CCC.
  • CCC is happy to explore other options, such as charitable remainder trusts, upon request.
Once you have made a decision about your legacy, please call our Advancement Office at 212.982.2287 so we can say thank you, honor your specific wishes, if any, and welcome you into the Connelly Legacy Society!

Your gift, your priorities

We are grateful for gifts of any amount to the Connelly Legacy Society, and we want to honor your intentions for your legacy.
  • CCC recommends that your legacy gift benefit our endowment. Fortifying our endowment allows us to meet operating needs, make capital improvements and invest in our programs. Our endowment is a key component of our commitment to each girl who enters our program.
  • We would also be delighted to discuss endowing a scholarship for high school students, a particular faculty position, or other uses you may have in mind.

Benefits and recognition

  • Ceremony of thanks with CCC students, along with a framed photo from the event recognizing your legacy commitment
  • Recognition as a Connelly Legacy Society member in our annual report, on our website and more (Of course, we will also honor any donor’s wish to remain anonymous.)
  • Invitation-only events to express our continuing gratitude as well as participate in CCC Summits, opportunities to discuss our future with CCC’s leaders and supporters

Sample Language

Please consult with your attorney and financial advisor.
Unrestricted Gift: I give and bequeath the sum of $ __________ (or ________ % of my residuary estate; or _____ shares of _____ stock) to Cornelia Connelly Center for Education, a nonprofit organization located in New York, NY, to be used in support of its general charitable purposes.
Gift with Restricted Use: I give and bequeath the sum of $ ______ (or ___ % of my residuary estate; or ___ shares of ___ stock) to Cornelia Connelly Center for Education, a nonprofit organization located in New York, NY, to be used in in support of ________ [e.g. Graduate Support Program, Connelly Middle School, endowed scholarship or faculty position].*
*Please reach out to the Advancement Office to discuss any such restricted gift, to determine whether it aligns with the needs and mission of the Center.

Additional Information

You can reach out to Executive Director Brianne Wetzel with any questions or to join the Connelly Legacy Society at 212.982.2287 or [email protected]
Legal Name: Cornelia Connelly Center for Education
EIN (tax ID): 13-3735244
Address: 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009