Welcoming Katie, CMS ‘11 back home

As CCC prepares to start off the year, we are excited to welcome Katie Casado, CMS ‘11 back to our Center as our new Graduate Support Fellow. Katie graduated from Union College last spring with a bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science. She will now be the third alumna working at CCC, with two of them working directly with graduates in the Graduate Support Program. CCC is committed to providing our alumnae with the best support necessary in order to be successful in college and beyond, and who better to do that than a fellow CCC graduate? “It’s crucial for developing girls to see themselves in the world around them. That means teachers, administrators, and professionals who look like them or are from their community. They need to see graduates as staff because we are living proof that the mission of CCC is alive and flourishing,” says Katie. We have seen the true value of having graduates return to our center. Our students are able to form genuine connections and see themselves in their older CCC sisters.

When asked how she hopes to support CCC graduates in her new role, Katie mentioned being eager to serve as a resources for our graduates who are often first-generation college students. “I am so excited to host financial literacy workshops, professional development workshops, networking and more to empower them to know they have the ability to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I also hope to continue to make CCC feel like home.”

For our graduates, giving back to the community is deeply rooted; there’s a profound sense of awareness that CCC contributed to the person they are. “CCC played a huge role in my success. My teachers here were some of the first people to notice my potential for academic success and really pushed me to want more for myself. While at CCC I was encouraged to apply to the TEAK Fellowship, which helped me attend one of the best private boarding schools in the country, and the faculty at CCC helped me with drafts of my essays, interview practice and emotional support and encouragement. They truly taught me to believe in myself and my potential,” says Katie.

CCC is committed to helping each girl fulfill her full potential and we are always willing to take the extra step to help our girls feel supported. One of Katie’s fondest memories is her high school graduation. “The director of CCC and GSP at the time traveled six hours to attend my high school graduation and let me know my home team was rooting for me, and that is a moment that I will always cherish and hold close as a memory of true support.” We have no doubt that Katie will take similar measures to always support our graduates.

Here at CCC we’re in it for the long haul. We are dedicated to empowering our students to  succeed.