What is GSP?

GSP and GSP 2.0 provide emotional, financial, and academic guidance to our alumnae in both high school and college. 

GSP - CMS partnership

The GSP Team begins their formal relationship with our students once they enter the Upper School in 6th grade.  To facilitate this connection, they teach the Advisory course for each grade during one trimester of the year.  In the first trimester, they work with our 8th grade students, delivering lessons on high school choice and the application process.  GSP is dedicated to placing students in the Catholic, private or selective public high school that is best suited for their overall growth; conversations in Advisory ensure that this goal can be achieved. In the second trimester, they connect with our 7th grade students and in the third trimester they work with our 6th grade students, identifying positive study habits and support systems for success with each grade.

GSP in high school

GSP offers daily study halls, one-on-one tutoring, and weekly SAT prep courses. For our high school juniors, GSP offers workshops on topics such as financial aid and the college selection process.  The GSP Team also takes juniors on college visits across New England throughout the year. Our seniors are invited every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm for targeted support with college applications and admissions. Academic performance for all graduates is tracked through quarterly report card reviews.  Our GSP Intern collects and tracks the data, while our GSP Director develops targeted plans for our students who may be academically struggling. 

GSP 2.0

GSP 2.0 ensures that our alumnae not only enroll in, but also graduate from college. Our graduates in GSP 2.0 are directly supported by the GSP Associate, who maintains regular communication with each student to ensure she has the resources that she needs to persist and graduate.  All alumnae in GSP 2.0 are given a small stipend to assist with incidentals, books and travel home, as well as guidance in academic choices and identifying campus resources.  

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