Her inner athlete

January 12, 2017

Her confidence is high, her muscles are stretched, she takes a deep breath and hears the words, “On your mark, get set, go!” Before you know it, she’s racing towards the finish line with the rest of the CMS track team cheering her on. A group hug embraces Arianna, CMS ‘19 at the finish line. With 77 percent of CMS Upper School students participating in the CCC Sports Program this year, Arianna’s experience is that of many Holy Child students whether they are on the track, volleyball, dodgeball or softball team.

Sports have always been a part of the CCC student experience, with the program growing significantly in the last five years.  CMS sports teams are now a part of city-wide leagues, competing against other private schools, providing ample opportunity for CCC student-athletes to develop their skills and foster a spirit of healthy competition.

What makes the sports program uniquely CCC is the tremendous support each player feels, from her teammates, her classmates and her coaches. “Being a part of a team [is my favorite part of playing volleyball],” Lorette, CMS ‘17 reflected. “When you are a part of something bigger than yourself it makes everyone better. Let’s say you miss a pass or a serve, you don’t feel very great, but when a teammate says ‘It’s okay you did great’ or ‘You’ll get it next time,’ you boost your confidence, and you know what? You do better the next time!”

Arianna, CMS ‘19 credits her track coaches, Ms. Banks and Ms. Surette, for making her track team experience an affirming one. “I like running a lot. I’m really energetic so track makes me happy!” she shared. “Ms. Banks and Ms. Surette are awesome track coaches. They help us get better at running by teaching us the right moves and they let us have fun!”

Our students are taking their confidence and sports skills cultivated on 4th Street to high school, with many continuing to hone their talents at the next level.  Prescilla Jimenez, CMS ’15, Notre Dame ’19 discovered softball as a CMS 7th grader with the help of Science Teacher, Mr. Garcia. “When I first started off I didn’t even know how to put on a glove,” notes Prescilla. “Mr. Garcia pushed me to play softball, so I just gave it a try. Now, I’m on Notre Dame’s softball team and I’m helping to coach CCC’s team next season!” Prescilla is committed to her softball career, refining her skills as a catcher every weekend in addition to her team’s practices. With a dream to play softball at the collegiate level, Prescilla has already started her highlight reel!

Like Prescilla, Mabel Marquez, CMS ’05, Saint Jean Baptiste ’09, SUNY Buffalo State ‘14 credits the consistent opportunity to “be athletic” as an affirming part of her CCC experience and a motivating factor in her career. Once a member of the basketball team as a CMS student, Mabel is now a SoulCycle instructor in New York City, sharing her passion for fitness and women’s empowerment through spinning. Mabel’s enthusiasm recently inspired Forbes to feature her!  Read the profile here.

From Arianna to Mabel and every girl in between, the sports program at CCC celebrates every girl as she finds her inner athlete! 

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