Greetings from Lesley Rodriguez, CMS '12, Saint Jean Baptiste '16, UAlbany '20

January 12, 2017

Dear friends of CCC,

It’s me again – Lesley Rodriguez! In last year’s newsletter you all read about my senior year of high school and the incredible support I was receiving from the Graduate Support Program (GSP). To recap, my senior year of high school was jam-packed. I was fully dedicated to my academics, my extra-curricular activities, and applying for colleges. GSP was one of the biggest aids for me throughout the process because of how invested they were, and still are, in me and my journey to college. Looking back to last year, I remember how overwhelmed I was, but hard work truly does pay off. I am now writing this letter to you all from my dorm room at the University at Albany! It was such an honor sharing with you about my senior year, I wanted to update you on how things are going now that I’m officially in college.

So far, my freshman year is going well. I have made many great friends during my time here, some of my closest friends being the girls I live with. Living with six other girls was something I had to adjust to because of all our different habits and personalities. But thankfully, we get along well and judging from the roommate horror stories I have heard, they truly are a blessing.

My classes are good, too. I am currently an intended Digital Forensics major with a Criminal Justice minor. Next semester, I will be taking courses such as Introduction to Information Systems and Introduction to Sociology. I heard they can be tough, but I’m ready for the challenge. In college, there is always so much to do, but thankfully, I have realized that the true key to excelling in college is having a balance. Making time for a social life, while still maintaining that self-discipline needed when it’s time to get to work has helped me make the most my first semester of college.

In the future, I hope to be study abroad. My mother always told me studying abroad is a chance to get my education while being able to see the world outside of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Coming to U-Albany, I made sure to keep this in mind. If everything goes as planned, I will be studying abroad in London this summer! I have only visited the Dominican Republic; going to Europe and obtaining a deeper understanding of a different city and its customs, other than my own, is an experience I can cross off my bucket list.

I am in a good place in my life right now. It feels great waking up every day knowing I am working towards my career and I have a great support system behind me. I have my entire CCC family to thank for this, including you. Thank you for supporting CCC and allowing girls like me to achieve success in ways they could only dream. When I was a student at CCC, even in 5th grade, college was always mentioned and it truly is an accomplishment to finally be here. You can read about some other great things happening at CCC below. I am personally looking forward to visiting CCC over this semester’s break. I hope you will stop by, too! 


Lesley Rodriguez, CMS ‘12, Saint Jean Baptiste ‘16, UAlbany ‘20

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