An Alumna calls us to action

December 10, 2012

Twenty years ago I walked through the doors of 220 East 4th Street for the first day of school.  Last month, I walked through those same doors as a Cornelia Connelly Center Trustee.  Though two decades have gone by, I was still greeted with the same love and support I found on that first day in September.  It’s an incredible feeling to be part of our Holy Child Community – a group of individuals who believe in the power of education and the potential of our city’s girls. 
It’s difficult for me to imagine not having CCC as my support system or a part of the community.  As a young girl at P.S. 20 I was unsure what the future could hold for me.  I was also aware of the many challenges I would face if I stayed in public school.  As soon as I walked through those doors my fear was gone; I felt special and knew that I was part of a new family.  There were many times my mother was unable to pay my tuition; yet I was never turned away from a Holy Child education or even made aware.  There are no words to express the gratitude my family and I have for CCC.   

As we begin celebrating twenty years of the Cornelia Connelly Center I am reflecting on how far my classmates and I have come.  It was only because of Holy Child that I was able to go from a struggling fourth grader to tax accountant.  CCC supports its students through high school, but the doors remain open throughout our lives.  Those open doors, that love and support, have created young professionals, mothers, wives but most importantly exceptional women.  My classmates and I have achieved the dreams our parents had for us and the ones we had for ourselves.  We live by the values and skills we developed during our days as Holy Child students. 

Much has changed since 1993, but the same uncertainty I felt as a child remains - girls still struggle, public schools still fail.  Today’s girls, just like me and my classmates, cannot reach their potential alone; they need Holy Child and they need your support.  

I hope you will join me in supporting the Cornelia Connelly Center and the girls of our city with uncertain futures.  Twenty years ago there were individuals just like you who believed in me and the mission of CCC.  As a result, my life was transformed and I am achieving my potential. I have succeeded and so have my classmates.  

Please help us ensure that, twenty years from now, the girls walking through the doors of the Cornelia Connelly Center today are walking into boardrooms and back into 220 East 4th Street transformed by Holy Child.   

In gratitude,

Alexandra Marte

CMS ‘95


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